Winter Blues, Winter Sunshine.

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February. Where do I begin. It’s by far the hardest month of the year to go through when you live up north. Sometimes you go days or weeks without sunshine and it snows on a daily basis. As we head towards March, I know we’ll keep getting more snow but also that spring equinox is around the corner. Last year we had no snow in February so I managed to cover some beds with heavy weight row covers and hoop tunnels and transplant peas & favas by mid March. That’ll not be happening this year, unless by some crazy chance we get weeks of warm weather, rain and sunshine to melt the snow away.

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There’s been general restlessness here. Snow, sunshine, snow, snow, snow. It’s hard to bundle the kids up for such a short time of play. It’s too cold to be out for too long, although it hasn’t been colder than -5C all month. We’ve had the odd day of sunshine, and when you wake up to that lovely bright sun you can rejoice and get some wonderful Vit D. We’ve had a mom cougar and two cubs in the area this past month, fresh tracks even at our neighbours, so it’s been hard to take the girls on hikes. A few days ago we did go for a much-needed family hike, it was so nice to be in nature as a family.

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Today the sun is shining and we went outside right after breakfast. We had an escaped chicken, but it was easy to put her back. She pretty much stayed stationary, probably cold in the snow and I was thankful to be outside when it happened to put her right back. The girls sat for a while watching the chickens, it makes me think it’s a funny t.v channel to them, watching the chickens enter in and out of the coop, hop from bar to bar and cluck cluck cluck.

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I won’t lie, I’ve had a little winter blues on and off recently, being a little too cooped up with the cougar so close by outside. I’ll be starting seeding this week, although I meant to sow some last week. Onions, leeks and celery. It’ll be nice to have a little green growing, even if it’s inside. Perhaps I’ll grow some herbs too. I started a sourdough starter the other day and I have some sprouts going too. I think that’s the winter blues fix, fermentation and sprouting. I’ve been reading and garden planning lots, we have a huge garden planned this year, we’re hoping to double our veggies from last year so I have my work cut out for me. The California drought will bound to increase our produce prices here in Canada, and even the U.S, so I’m making it my ‘job’ to grow us a lot of food. We’re hoping to reduce our grocery bill by 60-80% from May-Dec.

Anyways, just a little weather and life update! How are things going where you live? Do you have the winter blues?

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  1. says

    I’m sorry you are feeling those winter blues. It still amazes me to see so much snow elsewhere in the world when we’ve been so warm. I’d love to swap snow for sunshine if only for a few weeks. :) Your photos are beautiful and your girls all bundled up are adorable! Happy weekending to you!

  2. says

    We are feeling the winter blues down here, too. And you’re right, February is a tough month to get through, even though March is typically our snowiest. I, too, have been garden planning with hopes to cut the grocery bill. We will see how it goes…

    Here’s to spring being just around the corner (hopefully)!

  3. says

    That snows crazy beautiful, even when it’s making you crazy. Not long till spring. We’ve found our grocery I’ll is much reduced through our garden this year so I’m sure you’ll see a big reduction given how much you grow and produce.

  4. says

    I can completely relate to the restless, winter feeling. I’m starting my seeds next weekend as well and am hoping that green will brighten the inside a bit. Here’s to making it through the rest of the winter, and lots of sunshine to come!

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