Vegetables to Harvest in 30 Days!

Harvest in 30 Days! Growing Asian/Mustard Greens

Oh I love fast-food! Fast garden food that is. Any veggies that we can eat within 30-45 days of harvesting is a huge bonus to home food production. Quick crops offer better yield per growing space and dollar value for your efforts. Every spring I can never seem to grow enough greens! I end up with…

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Gardening Tips to Prevent & Get Rid of Aphids

Aphids have become a large problem in our garden, partially because we grow a lot of the Brassica family (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard, kale…etc). The kale and the broccoli tend to get hit the most, and it can really spoil you’re appetite as your about to wash your veggies and it’s chock full of tiny…

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In the Garden: March 27th

For the end of March, I’m thrilled with what’s growing in the garden. Some years we still have a giant pile of snow this time of the year that I’m impatiently waiting to melt. The indoor greenhouse is full of tomato, eggplant and pepper plants as well as the usual brassicas (cabbage, cauli, broc…). I’m even trying…

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Happy First Day of Spring!

The First Day of Spring

Happy Spring Equinox everyone! I’ll admit, I never use to be a fan of spring. It’s often muddy, slushy, raining or trying to snow. Before the plants come back to life it’s dull, and that transition isn’t always pretty. However I’ve really learned to appreciate this season as time goes on. I see spring as…

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Grow a Beautiful Pole Bean Tunnel

Grow A Beautiful Pole Bean Tunnel

My favourite element in the garden last year was our pole bean tunnel. The girls absolutely loved it. They played hide and seek in it, ran through it, and helped harvest fresh snap beans from it. (Read More on How to Create a Magical Children’s Garden ) Harvesting the beans was so much easier standing in…

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Best Vegetables to Overwinter in Zone 5

One of things I’m trying to master on my gardening journey is overwintering larger amounts of vegetables to get an early spring harvest. I’ve done a decent amount of experimenting with overwintering, both on purpose and accidental. The first year I overwintered vegetables it was totally unplanned. But it was so amazing to have spinach growing…

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