How to Harvest and Dry Calendula Flowers

How to Harvest & Dry Calendula Flowers

Calendula is such a wonderful, cheerful and easy  flower to grow. If anyone is beginning their journey on making their own herbal remedies this is one of the best choices for beginners. It’s not fussy at all to grow, and the more flowers you pick the more it produces. It blooms from early summer and…

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giganteus sunflower

How to Grow Pole Beans Up Sunflowers (Part 1)

Sunflowers will brighten any garden, but can they perform a double duty as a trellis? Depending on the size and height of the variety they can, but what can you grow up them? This year I’m doing an experiment with growing pole beans up giant sunflowers. I say experiment because the research out there is rather…

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Learning How to Eat In-Season

Growing your own food is an amazing and rewarding venture, but this also brings awareness, often for the first time, what’s in season and what isn’t. Some of you might of signed up for a CSA farm share to receive a weekly box of local fruits and vegetables (check out Garden Betty’s new CSA cookbook!) and…

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Garlic Scapes (+ recipes!)

25+ Garlic Scape Recipes (& How to Harvest Them!)

I love garlic scape season! Garlic scapes are the unopened flowers of hardneck garlic varieties and you definitely want to harvest them because they are both delicious and it allows the garlic to focus its growth on the bulb instead of going to seed (this will make for larger bulbs!). Here’s a recipe round-up of…

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In The Garden: June 4th

3 days of heavy rain has done wonders for the greens. It’s too bad many bolted the week before, we could have had another week of them! But no matter, I always have the next crop lined up to go into a bed so this week I transplanted leeks and celery where the turnips and lettuce…

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Pregnancy + Gardening

Can You Garden When You’re Pregnant?

I seem to of accidentally fertilized my garden with morning sickness. Have you been there before? This week we announced our new baby on the way (Check out our cute announcement incase you missed it!) Today I wanted to talk about what it’s really like to garden pregnant as my ‘job’ around here other than…

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Vegetables to Harvest in 30 Days!

Harvest in 30 Days! Growing Asian/Mustard Greens

Oh I love fast-food! Fast garden food that is. Any veggies that we can eat within 30-45 days of harvesting is a huge bonus to home food production. Quick crops offer better yield per growing space and dollar value for your efforts. Every spring I can never seem to grow enough greens! I end up with…

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